4 Important Tips for Protecting Leather Furniture During a Move

Leather furniture seldom comes cheap. In fact, it's probably going to be one of the most expensive things you'll need to move from one house to the next. As such, you're clearly going to want to make sure that it is properly protected for the furniture removal. If so, just follow these four handy tips.

1. Clean It

Why go to the bother of cleaning your furniture right before a move? Because leather can be scratched easily, even by a small bit of dirt or debris. The tiniest friction will cause debris to rub against the surface of the leather, possibly causing damage. Prevent this from happening by wiping down the fabric. You should also remove any leather cushions and vacuum all the crumbs, dust, and debris that has fallen into cracks – it could all come out onto the main surface as you move around the furniture.

2. Condition It

If you're particularly worried about your leather furniture or are moving it quite some distance, you should probably take the time to treat it with some proper leather conditioner. This will provide plenty of moisture to prevent the leather from cracking or becoming stiff, something that becomes more likely the longer it spends in a hot moving van. Make sure you read the instructions closely, and condition about a week before the move to give the product enough time to sink in.

3. Wrap It Right

People often make mistakes when covering up their leather furniture. A common error is to cover it directly with shrink wrap or plastic sheeting. Unfortunately, this will create condensation. And if the sofa gets too hot, the shrink wrap can even begin to slightly melt against it, which is going to cause plenty of damage when it comes time to remove it. What you need to do is cover your leather furniture in something soft, such as old blankets. You can then apply shrink wrap if you're worried about moisture damage, but it shouldn't ever touch the leather itself.  

4. Don't Pile Anything On

Finally, make sure you don't pile much on top of your sofa during transit. While a couple of lighter items are going to be fine, full boxes, televisions and other larger, heavier items are a big no-no. The problem here is that anything heavy will press down on your leather and possibly leave permanent marks where it was placed.