Rub A Dub Dub How Do You Move A Hot Tub?

Moving house takes a lot of planning, and this is particularly the case when not everything in your home fits neatly into a cardboard box. Now that you have signed the contract for your next family home, it is important you turn your mind to the big items in your home that need shifting. Your spa pool, for example, requires a little forethought to get it from Home A to Home B. But, that does not mean it is impossible to achieve. Follow these tips, and you should have no drama with the removal of your tub on moving day.

Forewarn The Movers

For big furniture items like a spa pool, it is important you give notice to your mover that you intend to move one as part of your household belongings. A spa pool is big and awkward to handle. It cannot be shifted by one person and requires the use of a furniture dolly to move it along.

By letting the moving company know in advance that a spa pool is in your contents list, they can make sure they have the appropriate equipment in their truck. For example, they need straps to secure it to the wall of the truck and a dolly to move the spa pool, and the movers will know to load this item first, as it will take up the most space.

Remove The Accessories

Three days before your move, start to dismantle the spa pool so that it can be empty and dry on moving day. The pump and the heater of the spa should be disconnected and removed from the spa so they are not damaged while the pool rests on the moving dolly. If you have not disconnect the pump and heater yourself before, call a spa pool specialist to do this for you. These parts can be packed separately into cardboard boxes. Be sure to place bubble wrap or another type of soft packing around them so they don't get damaged while in transit. After the removal of these parts is complete, then you can empty the water from the spa pool.

Drain The Spa Pool

There are two ways to drain your spa pool, and the one you choose depends on how much time you have available. The slow method of emptying the spa involves placing a garden hose into the water. Suck on the end of the garden hose until the water starts coming out of the end and then let it drain onto your garden. Check on the hose every hour or so to make sure the water is still coming out, and move it around the backyard so you don't waterlog one particular spot.

Alternatively, hire a small pump from your spa specialist. The pump has a small electric motor attached to a hose. Place the hose into the spa pool, plug in the pump and let it do a quick job of emptying the water.

Now you know how to get your spa pool ready for moving; you can get onto this task so you don't have to leave the spa pool behind.