4 Tips for Moving Your Mattress from Old Home to New Home

There are a whole host of little stresses and concerns that accompany the excitement of moving to a new house, and making sure that everything is properly packed and loaded can be one of the toughest challenges.

Mattresses often present problems. After all, they are large, heavy, expensive, and reasonably easy to damage – all the ingredients you need for a problematic move. Luckily enough, you can simply read through the following four tips to make sure your mattress makes it from old home to new home in perfect condition.

1. Prepare It Right

Firstly, you'll want to remove any sheets, comforters, and protectors. Some people are tempted to leave these on for the sake of convenience, but trying to do so will only make packing that much trickier. Check the mattress for any signs of moisture; if you can, lie it out in a spot that enjoys direct sunlight for an hour or two. This will help remove any moisture you didn't notice.

2. Wrap It Right

You'll obviously want to keep your mattress free from dust, dirt, and moisture during the move, and the best way to do that is by wrapping it up in plastic. You might think that standard plastic sheets will be fine, but they probably aren't going to form a tight enough seal. Instead, look for a mattress bag – you should be able to pick these specialty wraps up cheap on the internet. They will fit perfectly around your mattress and provide a watertight seal for added peace of mind.

3. Load It Right

Now comes time to actually load up your mattress in your moving van. For the vast majority of mattresses, this means stacking them vertically so they rest against the side of the van. This saves space, prevents movement, and means that none of the springs will face excess pressure. However, you should check with the manufacturer if your mattress is made of a more modern material. Foam mattresses, for example, should be loaded lying flat if you're going to avoid any damage.

4. Treat It Right

Finally, make sure you don't stack anything on top of your mattress. This can be easy enough to do when you're packing up at your old home or getting things ready in your new home, but placing items, especially heavy moving boxes, on top of a mattress is going to risk wearing down some of the springs.

For more tips, reach out to professional removalists near you.