Should You Rent Storage While Living in Your Tiny Home?

When downsizing and adjusting to tiny home living, it's hard to know whether your new minimalist lifestyle will be the ideal long term solution for you and your family. If you're unsure whether you should rent storage while adapting to your tiny home, this quick guide is for you!

Enhance storage solutions in your tiny home

The first step for accommodating all your stuff is to find more storage at home. While space is extremely limited in a tiny home, integrating clever storage solutions is the best way to maximise space while minimising clutter and mess. To maximise your storage space, consider little locations in your tiny home that aren't being used to their full potential. Storage under stairs or sofas is a smart way of using vacant space yet keeping things easily accessible. For longer-term or seasonal storage, consider installing under-floor or external storage in your tiny home.

Consider short term storage while you get comfy

Downsizing from a full-sized apartment or home to tiny home living can be challenging and overwhelming. Scaling down the majority of your furniture and possessions to live a simpler life is a wonderfully-freeing feeling, however it can be initially too extreme for some. If you are a little hesitant to sell or donate all your large household items, you may want to consider a short-term storage solution. Hiring a small portable storage pod for use at your home location is a convenient and low-cost way to bridge the gap to tiny home living. Chat with your local moving and storage providers to discuss the ideal short-term storage solution for your needs.

Employ long-term self-storage if it's in your five-year plan

For temporary tiny home occupants, downsizing for the time being doesn't need to mean selling off all your furniture! If you plan to move into a larger home again in the next five years after your tiny home stint, consider long-term storage for your large household items. On-site storage units are an excellent, reasonable option if you don't need daily access to your storage. This is a particularly handy storage solution for business archives and very large, expensive furniture items, as they will be protected and insured while in storage. Make sure you take a detailed inventory before you stow your stuff away for long-term storage, and keep the inventory in a safe location.

For more information and advice on selecting an affordable storage option for your living situation, contact your local experienced storage providers today.