Steps Furniture Transport Services Take to Secure Your Items

When moving, the last thing you want to encounter is broken furniture when you get to your new destination. This is particularly true for delicate or expensive furniture that you treasure. That is why most homeowners are making the smart decision of working with furniture removal services in order to have their items moved in a safe and professional manner.

Furniture transport services come in handy when moving across state lines or other long distances. These experienced professionals take multiple steps to secure your furniture and transport it to your new destination safe and sound. Let us look at how interstate removal services make this possible.

Proper Planning

Furniture transport services will begin to work with you early during the moving process. They will assess everything you need to move, where you're moving to, and the value of your items. This will make it possible for them to determine what they will need to get the job done.

If you have items that are quite heavy, they will plan for more people to be on site on moving day. If your furniture is very delicate, they will prepare for extra padding, bubble wraps, and other cushioning materials.

Pre-checking the condition

Part of securing your items involves checking for their initial condition. Furniture transport services will inspect all the items that you want them to transport for any damages. For example, a cabinet with a cracked glass can easily shatter during transportation and lead to even more damages to nearby furniture. They will check for such weak spots and confirm that no accidents are waiting to happen.

Disassembling furniture

In some cases, it is a good option to transport furniture items as a whole. However, some items do have moving parts that can easily fall off and become damaged. The removalists will disassemble any parts of the furniture they suspect can fall off and secure these moving parts in a separate area of the moving truck.

Parts such as drawers, knobs, nuts and bolts, and even glass components will most likely be removed and placed in secure areas.

Using pallets

Any professional furniture transport services will have pallets handy for moving furniture. Pallets are the most secure way of fastening large items and making sure they do not move around carelessly while being transported. All large and delicate furniture items will be properly wrapped, padded, and secured on a pallet during transportation.