Storage: 4 Things Which Affect the Price of a Shipping Container

Shipping containers can provide a great storage solution for your business. If you are planning to invest in a shipping container, it is important that you try to get the best deal that you can in terms of price. Below is a guide to some of the factors which may affect the price of renting or buying a shipping container.

The dealership

Different storage dealerships will have their own criteria for the price tags they attach to different storage solutions. Typically, a larger company which has a decent volume of storage containers will be able to offer a more substantial discount compared to very small companies. However, this is not always the case, so it is best to shop around.

The condition of the container

Shipping containers are highly durable pieces of kit which are designed to take a battering on the high seas, the back of a truck or on a railway track. However, they do not last forever. Over time, corrosion and weather damage can lead to a deterioration of the containers metal walls. Shipping containers which are reaching the end of their life will be cheaper to buy or hire compared to brand new containers. However, you should be wary of using a very old container to store valuable goods as it is more likely to leak which could cause damage to the things it contains.

The time of year

Demand for shipping containers can wax and wane depending on the season. For example, the price of using a shipping container as a storage unit in the run up the Christmas season may be higher than at other times of the year due to increased demand by companies which want to store excess stock ahead of the shopping season.

The local market

If you are planning to invest in a shipping container in a location on the coast or near a port, it is likely it will be cheaper than if you invest in one which is in the middle of the country. This is down to simple supply and demand. Shipping containers are primarily used to transport items by cargo ship, that is why there is typically a surplus of them in coastal locations which drives down prices.

If you would like to find out more about how to get a good deal on a shipping container, you should contact a company which specialises in storage solutions today.