Three Simple Tips for Avoiding Mishaps During Heavy Furniture Removals

If you are planning on moving heavy furniture for your relocation or storage, it is advisable to opt for professional removal. In general, the process of moving heavy items can be dangerous without knowledge, skill and manpower. For instance, you might sustain back injuries due to the handling of the bulky furniture. Also, there is a higher risk of damaging your furniture causing losses. If you would like to manage the removal without help, you should take precautions. Here are simple guidelines to help you avoid mishaps.

Plan Your Path for Easy Movement

Removing your furniture can be stressful and dangerous if you do not have a clear path for movement planned out. You will encounter a lot of obstacles and might need to stop repeatedly due to the difficulties in movement. Therefore, you should plan the best path for carrying out your furniture. Ideally, you should measure the dimensions of the bulky pieces. Then, consider the sizes of the entrances, corridors and stairways and determine the best path for taking out or moving in your furniture.

Reduce the Total Weight and Size

The weight and size of your bulky furniture can be a limiting factor if you are conducting the removal alone. Simply speaking, if you do not have a lot of people to help you, you will find it difficult to handle items like beds and sofas. Therefore, you should aim to reduce the bulk and weight of your furniture through dismantling. Check if there is any way to separate the different components of your items. For instance, you can remove the headboard and other sections when removing a bed for easier movement. This choice will minimise risk of accidents during the removal.

Hire Suitable Removal Equipment

You should plan on hiring some simple pieces of equipment when removing your heavy furniture. If you have relatively lightweight furniture, you might be able to handle the process with a single helper. However, heavier pieces will cause too much strain. A simple piece of equipment like a furniture dolly will make the removal process a little simpler. There will be reduced risk of injury, and you will prevent furniture damage. You should also look for lifting equipment for loading the items into the truck. For instance, hydraulic lifts will make the placement of the furniture painless.

Finally, it is advisable to acquire lifting straps and protective gloves to protect your body during the manual handling of the furniture during the removal process.