Guide to Choosing a Caravan Storage Facility

Camping is a fun activity, especially if you have a caravan. When not in use, however, a trailer can take up precious parking space in your driveway and violate your HOA rules. There are many types of storage space available for your trailer, but they offer different benefits. You should choose an option that meets your budget and security needs. Examples of caravan storage include the following:

Enclosed storage

It provides the best and most secure way of storing your caravan. It is a self-storage unit for caravans similar to your private garage. It offers certain features such as a roll-up door and a personal access code and lock. Note that due to the security they offer, they are the most expensive storage option.

Garage storage

If you have a sizeable garage, it is a good idea to use it rather than rent a storage facility. This type of storage is ideal due to the security and shelter it offers. This storage option is, however, limited by the size and height of your garage. You, therefore, need to have your garage measured to ensure your caravan will fit adequately. Also, ensure you look up any local restrictions in your area that may prohibit the storage of a caravan in your garage. You also have immediate access to your caravan should the need arise.

Covered storage and uncovered storage

Covered storage is an affordable option that still offers protection against the elements. The storage facility will park the caravan outdoors but still provide a shelter above your trailer. Some facilities may provide walls between trailers. When choosing a covered facility, check for essential security aspects such as surveillance, gated access and adequate lighting.

Uncovered storage, on the other hand, essentially parks caravans in a space that resembles a driveway. They are the cheapest option available, but it is wise to check about the size of the parking spaces.

Indoor storage

This type of storage acts as a hangar for storing multiple caravans at once. Being a hangar means that your trailer has protection from weather elements such as sun, rain and ice. However, you have to share access to the facility with other caravan owners. Before renting space in indoor storage, ensure they offer adequate pest control. You are paying for storage space, and you want to ensure your money is a good investment. You do not want to pick up your caravan only to find an infestation of rodents!