Unpacking for Arachnophobes: How to Unpack Your Moving Boxes without Coming Face to Face with Spiders

When you live in a country that is home to about 4,000 species of spider, most of them admittedly harmless, unpacking boxes that have been in storage may prove to be a hair-raising experience. For most people, the appearance of a spider or two isn't an issue. However, if you are one of the 5 percent of Australians that have arachnophobia, even small spiders can be terrifying. Unfortunately, when you're moving home whilst juggling a family and a career, it is often necessary to keep some of your things in storage.

Should You Rent Storage While Living in Your Tiny Home?

When downsizing and adjusting to tiny home living, it's hard to know whether your new minimalist lifestyle will be the ideal long term solution for you and your family. If you're unsure whether you should rent storage while adapting to your tiny home, this quick guide is for you! Enhance storage solutions in your tiny home The first step for accommodating all your stuff is to find more storage at home.

Three Steps To Avoid Transfer Trauma When A Parent With Dementia Moves Houses

Transfer trauma is the term used to describe a person who has a difficult emotional time after moving house. Your father has dementia, and you know you need to move him away from independent living for his safety, but how do you do that without causing mental anguish? These tips will help you pack up and move your parent's home contents in a way that does not add further confusion to their already challenging life.

Boxing The Books: Tips For Moving Your Paperback Collection

Moving house is one of the most stressful events which occur during a person's life. You are an avid book reader, so news that your parents have bought a new house already makes your back hurt with the thought of transporting your novel collection. The good news is you only have to pack up your room, but the bad news is the number of books you own is a weighty problem.

Why Shipping Containers Make Great Storage Solutions

If you are in the business of selling goods rather than services, storage is one of the crucial elements that you have to consider. For some business owners, this means having to lease out a warehouse to accommodate their products. Conversely, other individuals may take into account constructing their storage space from scratch. Nonetheless, both these options tend to be expensive in the long run. If you would prefer an economically viable solution, you may want to consider custom shipping containers.