Rub A Dub Dub How Do You Move A Hot Tub?

Moving house takes a lot of planning, and this is particularly the case when not everything in your home fits neatly into a cardboard box. Now that you have signed the contract for your next family home, it is important you turn your mind to the big items in your home that need shifting. Your spa pool, for example, requires a little forethought to get it from Home A to Home B.

Preparing Your Library for Moving

Moving house means packing up everything from clothes and dishes to furniture. For book lovers, it can be especially challenging. An extensive library takes up a lot of space and can be very heavy. Following these tips will help you get your favourite volumes into your new home without damage or inconvenience.  Bigger isn't better When you're packing up your library, don't feel that you need large boxes just because you have a lot of books.

4 Important Tips for Protecting Leather Furniture During a Move

Leather furniture seldom comes cheap. In fact, it's probably going to be one of the most expensive things you'll need to move from one house to the next. As such, you're clearly going to want to make sure that it is properly protected for the furniture removal. If so, just follow these four handy tips. 1. Clean It Why go to the bother of cleaning your furniture right before a move?

Tips to Putting Your Vinyl Records into Long Term Storage

If you are an avid music collector, chances are you will have an extensive vinyl collection. These records were manufactured using PVC, making them highly durable. Nevertheless, with the advent of music streaming, vinyl has slowly decreased in popularity. As a result, you may find that you rarely get around to listening to your vinyl records as you can access music much easier in this digital age. Since vinyl records are collectables, you may not be ready to get rid of your collection, but you could be looking for ways to decrease the amount of space they take up in your home.